1 More World Begins

Exquisite composite photo a solar eclipse

Welcome! Let’s get started. There’s lots to talk about.

Start from where is the right question. After decades of a mostly unremarkable life, in the middle of 2013 I did something truly amazing. I stopped working and traveled the world for a year. I even created an enormous travel blog documenting my experiences. (1WorldAtATime.com).

So why blog again?

It is because that trip changed EVERYTHING. The tangible changes to my life came slowly at first, after all, the trip ended in 2014 and only now, six years hence, has the circle been closed and the burst of ah-ha moments reached blog-critical velocity.

The Moment The Circle Begins to be Drawn

What was your favorite country? Which country had the best food?  These were the types of questions my friends asked after I got back from my trip around the world. I loved these conversations and had colorful replies for every question. But then one friend asked, Do you feel like the trip changed you? I gave a slow, puzzled, head-tilted answer of Hmmm…I don’t know

Though obvious today, the true answer of Yes wasn’t ready to be heard in 2014. As I said, six years would pass before it became clear. Most definitely that trip had changed me. This blog is my telling of how  – a living journey that includes both subtle shifts and sharp turns in my way of thinking…..about my past, present, and especially my future.

Most of my posts will begin with a meaningful scene from my current life, and occasionally my childhood. Each subsequent narrative, regardless the subject, will reveal something I have learned recently. With my life changing so much, my ultimate hope would be for you to read my words and find something that changes your life, too.

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Gary is a Solar Technician and writer living in Boulder, CO, who loves to play Ultimate frisbee!!

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