About This Blog

4 of the 6 people that will read and keep up with this blog are going to be true friends of mine already. My musings will be familiar because rarely do I have a thought that goes unshared. For the 2 others who’ve made it here and will follow me into the future, I choose to believe one of you knew me from…let’s say, junior high or maybe high school, but hasn’t had any meaningful contact with me since. The 6th person reading this blog…? Well, I don’t know you, you don’t know me. But soon you will.

For starters, I am a mid-fifties white man living in America and I’m on a roll. The final big chunk of my life is before me and I intend to make better choices for myself than I ever have before.

I wouldn’t create this blog if I didn’t have something interesting to say. The wheels in my head have been churning out one revelation after another lately. And they are too good to keep to myself. Sometimes when the tumblers click into place, and I am suddenly able to see some element of life as I never had before, it feels profound. I say, the strength of a revelation can be measured by how obvious it seems a few seconds later. I also know it’s real when I feel like I’m the last one to the party; like I’ve just figured out what everyone else has known all along.

But hey folks, I’ve looked around the room. The truth is there are plenty of people who haven’t shown up yet.

So, read on, 5 friends and 1 dear stranger. Don’t let yourself be the last one to this party. Perhaps you will read something here and start questioning your own long-held beliefs, be they personal or universal. It’s amazing; when you question…..sometimes you find answers.


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