1 More World is my ongoing story of curious revelations leading to grand-scale life changes. Follow this personal blog and you’ll be crawling with me through sweltering attics, exploring psychedelic drugs, and leaping faith-first towards a little known city in western Spain. 

The story is unfolding now. Please join me. It will be nice to have your company.

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Hey-O! After several months of writing steadily I enjoyed a little break-ee-poo. But things are still movin’ and shakin’, so let’s get back out on the dance floor. This post (and probably the next few) will contain segments that are all part of my larger story but not necessarily connected to each other. Expect direct…

Welcome To The Party, Breaux

My body is internally “buzzing.” I’m not so aware of it when moving around, but if I stand, sit or lie down, I can feel an electrical activeness within my tissues. Less than a buzzing, really; it’s more of an internal vibration. I park in front of the massage therapist’s building, shut off the car…

Significant Conditions

From behind the wheel, my mom turns her face towards me, her right arm reaching across the upper part of the seat-back. She tells me she loves me. It’s ordinary the way she says it. How easy for me to tell her “I love you, too, mom.” But I am 13 years old. I am…